Madison Furnace Front of Furnace Looking Up the Stack
Madison Furnace Front of Furnace Looking Up the Stack
Madison Furance Looking Up the Stack RH Side of Furnace
Madison Furnace Looking Up the Stack RH Side of Furnace
RH Tuyere Inside the Furnace Front of Furnace
RH Tuyere Inside the Furnace Front of Furnace


Madison Furnace located at the Cooper Hollow Park Ranger Station. It is easily accessible from the road and the outer shell is in good condition. The inner firebrick has been removed. As can be seen from the pictures, the underbrush is rapidly attacking the furnace. It would be nice if the park service could maintain the site by killing off the excess weeds. The boiler area was probably located to the right of the furnace on top of the large hill.

First Visited: 2Q-2001

Last Visited: 1Q-2002


Start of Operation: Built - 1854

Blowout: ?

Daily Tonnage: 14

Built By: Madison Furnace was built by John Cambell, J.P. Terry, and Others

Stack: 36 feet - See below. 9 foot bosh (Lesley reports 35 feet w/11 foot bosh)

Blast: Hot

Type: Charcoal

The following information was obtained from the Robert Ervin text. He reports the stack to have been 41 feet tall, rather than the 36 feet obtained from newspaper articles.

Iron produced at the site was shipped to the towns of Clay and/or Crossroads Ohio in order to link up with the Scioto & Hocking Railroad line.

The furnace changed ownership at least three times between 1865 and 1898. It went into receivership and was leased to the Wellston Iron and Steel Company during the Spanish American War. The furnace closed in 1900 and was dismantled in 1906.

Per J.P. Lesley, the ch fn was owned by Peters, Terry & Co. Mr. Terry served as the agent at Portsmouth and Jacob Ricker managed the site. The fn produced 2,500 tons of iron out of coal measure ores during a twenty six week period of 1857.


Limestone Furnace is located directly off of the CH&D roadbed, just north of the Cooper Hollow Wildlife Area. Take Rt 32 East from Jackson to 327. Follow Rt 327 South under the Rt 35 overpass until it deadends. Make a right hand turn and then an immediate left onto the CH&D roadbed. Stay on the road until you reach the Cooper Hollow Park Ranger Station, just before crossing a small stream. The furnace is on the right hand side just before you reach a pull off area. If you hit the ranger area, you have gone too far. Just up the CH&D road is Limestone Furnace.

GPS - N38 56.353 W82 31.473 @692 feet

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