Pioneer Furnace LH Side of Furnace RH Side of Furnace
Pioneer Furnace LH Side of Furnace RH Side of Furnace
RH Tuyere Rear Tuyere Brickwork
RH Tuyere Rear Tuyere Brickwork


Pioneer furnace is not particularly unique compared to other sites. The front of the furnace has fallen in and the top of the inner liner is barely visible. The furnace has one side tuyere and one rear tuyere.

One interesting feature of the furance is the marks in the brickwork. The picture displayed above was located at the rear RH corner of the furnace. It is not clear if these marks were associate with the construction of the furnace or if they were related to some ironwork. Due to the lack of mounting holes, I suspect these marks were related to the efforts to split apart these slabs to build the site.

The reclamation pond was put in many years after the construction of the furnace and was not associated with the site. The stream was probably utilized to provide water for the steam engine.

First Visited: 4Q-2003


Start of Operation: 1857 (Lesley reports 1856)

Blowout: ?

Daily Tonnage:

Built By: W. Colvin, U. Tracy, & Others.

Stack: 45 feet w/14 foot bosh

Blast: Hot

Type: Coal

Pioneer was one the first furnaces in the region to utilize stone coal as fuel for the furance.

Per J.P. Lesley, the fn was owned by Ormsby, Colvin & Reed and managed by William Colvin.


Located off Brady Creek Road, approximately 2 miles west of Rt 93. There is a point where the road begins to bear left and there is a pond on the right. The furnace is on the opposite side of the reclamation pond north of the road.

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