Pennsylvania has a long and rich history with iron production. Around the area west of Philadelphia, the Appalachian Mountains possessed beds of iron ore, hardwoods, and plenty of limestone deposits. As the colonialists spread across the state, they built iron furnaces in the Susquehanna Region, and then farther to the west, adjoining the Hanging Rock Iron Region of Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. At one point, it is thought that over 500 furnaces and forges existed throughout the state.

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Another great site listing many Pennsylvania Iron Furnaces is "Iron Furnace Source Book Index", listed under my links page. The Washlaski's have done an admirable job creating and maintaining this site - chock full of information on Pennsylvania Furnaces. Be advised that I found several of the directions to the furnaces to be either incorrect or out of date. Still, a wonderful site for iron furnace information in their state.


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