Carslile Furnace LH Tuyere RH Tuyere Tie Bars
Carlisle Furnace LH Tuyere RH Side of Stack Hearth Stones


Carlisle Furnace is in excellent condition, as evidenced by the photographs. It appears to be part of the town park and is maintained in good condition.

The outer stack has a number of evenly spaced gaps in the brickwork. They are blind holes that appear to contain structural support rods. Additionally, the upper portion of the furnace is surrounding by a iron band (tie rod). It is not clear why this additional structural support was required, as the furnace appears to be well constructed. This type of structural support is quite prevalent in Pennsylvania iron furnace sites.

The inner cupola is in excellent shape. It appears to have been partially rebuilt (note the red bricks), but the vast bulk of the cupola is original firebrick. As the inner portion of the furnace is gated, I was unable to determine the condition further up the stack, but the lower portion is a wonderful example of iron furnace construction. There is also some refurbishment work on the inner rear portion of the stack, and around the tuyeres.

The Carlisle Furnace appears to be the second furnace built, the first one operating from 1815 to 1845 Links - Sourcebook Carlisle was apparently a major player in the colonial iron market, owning not only a furnace, but also a forge and an iron works. More research into the Carlisle company will be required to completely grasp the scope and history of operations by this family.

First Visited: 3Q 2002


Start of Operation: 1845

Blowout: 1882

Daily Tonnage:

Built By: Carlisle Iron Works

Stack: Approximately 30 feet, and about 8 feet at the boshes

Blast: Cold

Type: Charcoal

Per Bining, this furnace was built in 1762 by J.S. Rigsby & Company. He also mentions a second furnace built in 1782, along with a rolling and slitting mill. These furnaces existed prior to the current structure.


Located in Boiling Springs, PA. Take PA Rt 174 East to the town of Boiling Springs. Go through the town square and up the hill (there will be a small lake to your right). At the top of the hill, make the first right turn. As you start to cross the lake, there will be a parking lot to your left. The furnace is at the end of the parking lot.

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