Deercreek Furnace Stonework
Deercreek Furnace Stonework


I am not 100% sure that the pictures indicated reflect Deercreek Furnace. Based upon the map, I could not identify the furnace at the noted site. The owners of the property directed me to a site across from a sewage treatment plant about a mile east. This may have been a different furnace. Later on the trip, another individual informed me that Deercreek is still standing, but is further west, around the town of Kossuth, PA. If anyone has different information, please let me know.

First Visited: 3Q 2002


Start of Operation: 1844

Blowout: 1851

Daily Tonnage: 1,100 tons/year

Built By: Kerr & Hasson

Stack: 32 feet w/8 foot bosh

Blast: Cold

Type: Charcoal


Unclear - after verification at a future trip, I will post directions. If anyone has updated information on the location of this stack, please forward the information.

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