Fayette Furnace Front Tuyere LH Tuyere
Fayette Furnace Front Tuyere LH Tuyere
LH Side of Furnace Rear of Furnace RH Side of Furnace
LH Side of Furnace Rear of Furnace RH Side of Furnace


Fayette Furnace is in poor condition, with the entire rear RH corner collapsed into the stream. The inner portion appears to be in good shape. The furnace area is difficult to explore owing to the heavy presence of sticker bushes and underbrush. I was not able to identify any artifacts or slag samples in the surrounding grounds.

According to Sharp & Thomas, there is some dispute relative to who and when the furnace was built. I attempted to research this issue at the Clarion Historical Society but was not able to establish any clearer information regarding this site. S&T reported the furnace may have been built in 1815 by Freeman, Linton, and Miller. They also note that it may have been constructed by James Rogers in 1827. It is clear that the furnace was owned by James & George Rogers in 1832. They produced pigs and castings up to 500 pounds and employed 40-50 hands.

First Visited: 2Q 2003


Start of Operation: Unclear - See above

Blowout: 1840

Daily Tonnage: 2-3 tons per day

Built By: Unclear - See above


Blast: Cold

Type: Charcoal


Proceed to the junction of PA711 and PA391 in Normalville. Go 0.2 miles south to PA653, then turn east (left) on PA653 until you cross the bridge over Indian Creek. At the east end of the bridge in the junction with Pritts Road (SR1003). Turn left on Pritts Road (or T685?) one mile. When Pritts Road (SR1003) turns left and another road goes straight ahead. Continue straight ahead about 0.3 miles to the creek. This is Buck's Run. Park, the furnace is about 100 feet to the right of the road and on the bank of the creek.

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