Halls Run Furnace RH Side of Furnace Rear & LH Side of Furnace
Halls Run Furnace RH Side of Furnace Rear & LH Side of Furnace
Front of Furnace Wheel Pit Mill Run
Front of Furnace Wheel Pit Mill Run


Halls Run Furnace is in excellent shape. The furnace never operated, primarily due to a design flaw. It can be noted by the picture that the side tuyere was not centered on the stack. This would result in the blast air entering the cupola at a tangent, creating a cold blast condition. The mill race and the pit for the water wheel are clearly evident, so this must have been constructed as a cold blast furnace.

The furnace is actually situated on an island between two forks of the creek. Since there was no hill to stage a charging ramp, the burden must have been raised through a ramp or a water conveyor system. If a water driven conveyor system was utilized, this might account for the mill race and wheel pit, but then the purpose of the side opening becomes a mystery.

On the back side of the furnace are the initials "J. ?." 1880. The second initial has worn away and could not be determined.

First Visited: 3Q 2003


Start of Operation: 1840 (First mentioned in county tax records)


Daily Tonnage:

Built By: Hughes and Crawford


Blast: Cold

Type: Charcoal


From PA 322 and PA 257 (Cranberry) head east on 322. Make left hand turn (north) onto Horse Creek Road. Go north to the Biddle Farm on the right side of the road. Obtain permission and directions at the house. I have been requested to not post directions on the property by the Biddle family so that they can screen people before they head onto the site.

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