Hemlock Furnace Sign Hemlock Furnace
Hemlock Furnace Sign Hemlock Furnace


Hemlock Furnace is virtually gone - the only remains are the sign, some fallen stones, and the back portion of the inner cupola. The site is heavily overgrown and nature is slowly reclaiming this old relic of our industrial past. The cupola area is very open, including the bosh and hearth. It is unusual to find a hearth that is not filled with earth or rubble.

First Visited: 3Q 2002


Start of Operation: 1845

Blowout: 1865

Daily Tonnage: 2,000 tons per year (1846-1847) - about 7.5 tons per day on a 9 month production window

Built By: W. B. Fetzer and McGuire

Stack: 30 feet w/ 7-1/2 foot bosh

Blast: Cold

Type: Charcoal


From Venus, PA, take Gowdy Road (T593) east. The furnace sits on the right just before the intersection with McCauley Road (Where the road forks).

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