Site of Martha Furnace
Site of Martha Furnace


Nothing remains of Martha Furnace except a few stones and some slag. Found a few stones peeking out of the earth in a stand of pines on what appears to be a hill - actually the remains of the stack. Identified some slag at the bottom of the hill. The woman living at the T484 intersection told me she found extensive slag when digging her garden.

First Visited: 3Q 2003


Start of Operation: 1845

Blowout: 1856

Daily Tonnage:

Built By: Christian Meyers


Blast: Cold

Type: Charcoal

This furnace was built as a successor to Clarion Furnace, where ore and timber were becoming scarce. Built by Meyers, it was later sold to Lyon, Shorb and Company, but they never put the furnace into blast. The stack was dismantled in 1856. The furnace was originally named Polk after President James Knox Polk, but after the president repealed the 1842 tariff, Meyers changed the name to Martha.


Take 68S from 80 to Reidsburg. Go around a long RH curve, then look for Over Road on the left. The furnace site is located on the hill in a pine grove behind the house directly opposite (west side) from Over Road. You can do a few yards up the road to T484 on the right to park.

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