Valley Furnace Front of Furnace RH Side of Furnace Rear of Furnace
Valley Furnace Front of Furnace RH Side of Furnace Rear of Furnace


Valley Furnace (Westmoreland County) is one of the largest furnaces in Western Pennsylvania, measuring 36 feet square at the base and ten feet in diameter at the bosh. The furnace was built from uncut stone rather than hewn blocks. There are three tuyeres and an unusual vent hole located to the rear of the furnace. This vent hole extends back about five feet and then appears to acsend upwards. The upper portion of the stack is missing, and the inner cupola stones have been removed. The front tuyere is unstable and likely to fall within the future. The remaining portions of the furnace appear to be in good condition. Underbrush and grass are growing from the top of the furnace. I found extensive slag, firebrick, and stonework on the hill behind the furnace. The slag is very light to gray in color, indicating that higher grade iron was produced at this site.

A large stone located on the hill to the left of the furnace may have been the foundation for the charging house. The area to the right of the furnace has clear foundation stones for a casting shed or engine house.

First Visited: 2Q 2003


Start of Operation: 1850

Blowout: ?

Daily Tonnage: ?

Built By: L.C. Hall & Co

Stack: ? w/10 foot bosh

Blast: Hot

Type: Coal


Take PA 30 to route 711 at Ligonier. Take 711 north for 4.8 miles and turn right onto PA1009. The furnace is on the right, 0.2 miles down the road.

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